What We do

The hospital aims to provide high quality care and treatment at cost-based prices to its patients.

We have 100 inpatient beds (27 critical care beds), 18 chemotherapy bays, 3 endoscopy suites and 3 operating rooms. There is an outpatient clinic with 12 examining suites. The radiology department offers 3D digital mammography (first one in Pakistan), CT scan, ultrasound, conventional imaging and Spect CT. Radiation therapy is planned for the next phase. There is a sophisticated laboratory with robotic assembly lines for high throughput and histopathology labs which will be commissioned later this year along with molecular and genetic testing facilities. The hospital will provide chemotherapy at a large discount to the prevailing prices. Complex cancer surgery for liver, pancreas, gut, gynaecological, soft tissue, endocrine and head and neck malignancies will be offered. Allied medical specialties like internal medicine, gastroenterology, nutrition, anaesthesia and pain management, palliative care will be offered.

The hospital has a sophisticated IT infrastructure and uses Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for storage of all data. Remote access to patient data is available to physicians and patients. The hospital exemplifies the ‘smart hospital’ with telemedicine capabilities and remote access.