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Our model of a fair hospital is dependent on donations that help us cover the cost of equipment, expansion, upkeep, etc. We only charge our patients the direct cost of their treatment, which is what enables us to provides services at 60-70% lower than normal prices. The cost of cancer treatment is prohibitive and by donating to us, you can join our effort to make it affordable. Your generosity today could be the difference between life and death for someone tomorrow.


Should you wish to make a donation directly to our bank accounts, please use the following account details. Please note that these accounts are for donations only, not for Zakat funds.

Account Title The Cancer Foundation
Bank Meezan Bank Limited
Branch Code 0107
PKR Account 0107 0101075302
GBP Account 0107 0102036319
USD Account 0107 0102036289
Euro Account 0107 0102036331